She said, "I don't want your medicine and I don't need the sparrow in my heart"

"When I'm covered by the thunder I get rid of all your breath deep in my lungs
Splayed in the wind apart

And when I touch the ceiling on a spring day
Wishin' it could heed up every crow
So that they could lift me by my shoulders
Take me from this frozen lake and let you know

Just that I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your heart
When I'm covered by the thunder I'll get rid of all the breath deep in our lungs
Splayed the wind apart"

Postat av: Anonym

Hej fina tjej,

hoppas allt är bra med dig.

du är så fin och kommenterar och är världens bästa!

Bah sorru vet :)

2011-11-07 @ 17:41:44

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